Best Billing & Invoicing Software for Your Small Business in 2019

Finding the best invoicing software for your small business to billing customers isn’t easy. There are a ton of different software packages out there that all seem to do the same thing. How are you supposed to know which one is right for your business? Well, that’s why I’ve made this list.

You can quickly compare the top-rated invoice programs and see the pros, cons, and features of each package, so you can make sure to get the right billing program for your company.

Generating invoices and taking care of bills is an important part of any business’s process. As the business grows larger in size it may become difficult to process these bills and invoices by human resources alone. The solution lies in the usage of invoicing and billing software. These software can perform any invoice related tasks and offer highly automated processes which can help ease and speed up the process of invoice generation.

The need to store all bill resulted data digitally is also an important aspect for small scale business that aims for growth. There are a range of such software available in the market, and many of them are also run through online platforms. Here is a comprehensive look at some of the top invoicing and billing software along with their features and characteristics.

Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Top 7 Invoicing and Billing Software Programs for Small Businesses Compared

Here is a list of the best invoicing software on the market today for your small business in 2019.

  • FreshBooks
  • Sage 50Cloud
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting
  • Quickbooks
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Tipalti
  • Invoice Meister

FreshBooks Invoice

FreshBooks is an online software in the form of a website, and it can be availed freely for a period of 30 days following which you will need to purchase one of their plans to continue. It can perform all the services related to creating, sending, viewing, storing invoices and bills. Additionally, it can also perform other helpful tasks such as requesting clients to clear payments, tax calculations, etc.

One of the best parts about using FreshBooks is that when it comes to automating processes, the user has absolute flexibility in choosing which parts of the entire operation will be automated and which ones will be left out. All the invoices and bills generated are stored onto your account on FreshBooks and it can be downloaded and printed any time.


If you are a small business owner spending too much time generating invoices for all the various services you hire, Invoicera can be the solution to all your problems. Alongside being able to do all the basic tasks related to invoices and bills, you also have the option of storage in formats such as PDF, etc. and a variety of language options as well. It also has a large range of invoice templates which can make sure that the creation of invoices becomes a hassle free task.

Invoicera has a demo program which can be performed on three different clients and thereby you can realize when it’s perfectly suited for your business. It can also be used as a budgeting tool and can make revenue predictions based on data provided.

Invoice Ninja

Your business is no longer small, it’s out of the basement, and now the invoices you generate needs to be personalized. Your best option to do this is by using Invoice Ninja as your invoicing software. From options such as designing your own template and saving them, to automatically placing your brand logo on the invoices, this software can perform all the tasks necessary for creating personalized invoices.

You also have the option of setting up more than 30 payment channels and integrating all of them into a single platform, which ensures that you can track all bills from a singular point. Moreover, Invoice Ninja can put an end to all your invoicing problems no matter how particular they maybe. The need to hire an accountant goes right out the window with this one.

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks is another extremely easy to use online platform that allows you to keep track of and generate invoices for every single client’s account. The software also allows provisions such as generating financial reports, download credit card transaction lists, print or mail scanned copies of bills, etc. You have an entire balance sheet which you can customize as per your necessities and also generate personalized invoices.

Zoho Invoicing

Zoho is an all-round marketing automation software which also features invoice creating options and various other billing features. And while it may cost a tad bit extra than the others on this list, with this software you can automate processes related to marketing and business collaboration. The invoice creation process is also extremely simple and offers a variety of features such as personal branding, etc.

The best part about Zoho is that if you are using it to process invoices for up to 5 clients, it’s absolutely free! But if your business needs to tend to have more clients than that then there are various packages for Zoho that you can look into.

Common Invoicing & Billing Software Questions

Does the cost of these software vary?

Yes, the cost of invoicing and billing software can vary quite a bit depending on their features and usability. Since most of them come with a free trial period one can try out a few software before they decide which one to spend money on.

What are the different documents that an invoicing and billing software can generate?

This software can generate much more than only invoices and bills. Some of the most common documents being quotes, estimates, credit notes, purchase orders, delivery orders, etc.

What are the secondary factors to consider regarding invoicing and billing software?

The two most important secondary factors are security and space. The amount of security needed for invoicing software are generally high and one should not reconsider them. With time these software are required to carry a huge amount of data and they should have the provision to do so.

Our Recommendation

Invoicing and billing software can be of a huge help to small businesses and have quite large impacts on their regular progress and speed of dealing with customers. Most business owners do not realize the amount of time they spend on these tasks and how automation processes can perform these actions in no time at all.

FreshBooks and Invoice Ninja are two great platforms for any small business who are looking to streamline their entire records process and also get some additional help regarding accounts analysis. But since all of them have free trial periods of programs, one should definitely try out a few to know which one is the best suited.

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